Caring for the environment at home and in the workplace is something very important to me and the future of my children, that's why i always, when possible buy, use and source environmentally friendly products and always consider the environment in my work practices.

I'm fortunate to have a home studio, all water used is pure rain water, we don't rely on any ground water whatsoever.

  • All our waste water gets resused as grey water and fed straight back into our garden. 
  • We try to always buy local and seasonal flowers to limit carbon miles and to keep wastage minimal.
  • All our floral waste is turned into compost.
  • We make our own flower food consisting of only sugar and vinegar and no nasty chemicals.
  • All cleaning products are enjo and nature direct.
  • We at pollennation floral studio are lovers of bees, therefore we dont use any weedkillers or nasty chemicals in our garden.

Thankyou for taking the time to read our commitment to sustainble work practices.